How to keep calm and carry on!

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People are always surprised when “The Cupcake Queen” speaks to the benefits of chia seeds, intermittent fasting and red light therapy, just as expertly as her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Let’s just say that I have a passion for living a full and happy life.

Despite being a pastry chef, wellness plays a very large part in maintaining that balance. Tahitian vanilla and wheatgrass are not mutually exclusive. So, how do I balance my appetite for cupcakes and good health? Regular cleanses! In fact, I’m such a proponent of these regular detoxes that I invested in one. …

How to start a business without a passion and how you can find passion along the way

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One of my most vivid childhood memories was biting into a Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie and hearing the story of the housewife with a passion for baking cookies who created a national chain. The story resonated deeply with me and, from a young age, I’ve always associated passion with business success. Our society loves a passion to profit story and we pepper our lives with quotes from people like Meg Whitman. “Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.” We are so crazy for passion that there’s now a whole economy…

How grumbling can lead to a great idea

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Jack Conte was tired of spending thousands of dollars to create new music videos for release on YouTube, only to profit $200 for one million+ view. As a musician, Jack was accustomed to hustling in order to pursue his craft. I would venture to say he was (and still is) an optimistic person. Why else would someone enter a career as precarious as music? As Jack was about to release his music video on YouTube, he felt exasperated contemplating the meager return on his art. He felt discouraged. I bet he even complained.

That’s when the magic happened.

Not in…

She goes all-in on a digital course on baking pie

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People ask me all the time for my business advice. I, along with my husband, founded Sprinkles Cupcakes in 2005 and, with that, reinvented an industry, started a worldwide craze, built a nationwide chain, and ultimately sold to a private equity firm in 2012.

Along the way, I’ve accumulated wisdom on creating and building a business and brand which I am often asked to share in interviews, on podcasts, and as a speaker.

The Philosophy

In particular, I field an endless train of questions from other maker-creators on how to turn their passion into a business. My counsel for them typically goes…

Ultimately, people are buying you — not the stuff

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We live in the age of the personal brand. No matter who you are, what you do, or what you sell, you need a personal brand. There’s no avoiding it, so why not just lean in? I promise you don’t have to bend too far to build something of substance.

I would know. I built one of the most successful cupcake brands in the world, and along the way, I also built my own brand. Now, I can’t stop: from new business ventures to helping colleagues launch personal brands, I’ve been able to take my learnings and apply them to…

It’s the key to becoming a better entrepreneur

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My son often takes cardboard boxes from our recycling bin and transforms them into magical constructions: a working pinball game or mini putting course. Where others see shoe boxes and plastic scraps, he envisions fantastical creations. Most people aren’t looking at trash as the building blocks to greatness, but children have an innate sense of wonder that allows them to see possibility everywhere.

Imagine looking at the world and seeing prospects where others don’t. That’s not just child’s play — it’s entrepreneurship. This type of vision is what helps entrepreneurs spot a…

Working with your spouse is never easy. There’s an invisible line that you’re not supposed to cross between work and home life particularly when you’re raising children together. In pre-COVID times, it was possible to create boundaries through physical offices or time spent away from each other during lunch meetings or regular daily outings. But with the total collapse of life as we knew it in March, all those tidy divisions went buh-bye.

Anyone who has been following Rachel Hollis and her husband/business partner as they’ve built their business together was most likely crestfallen to hear about their split. Balancing…

Candace Nelson

Co-founder, Sprinkles, Pizzana. Principal, CN2 Ventures. Follow @candacenelson.

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